Foster Carer Application Form

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Where animal will be cared for
In some cases the responsibility of caring for pets is shared with another person within one household. If so, please include the name and contact details of this person.
Dwelling *
What type of dwelling with the foster animal be living in?
Children *
Are you presently employed? *
If you are presently employed, which of the following applies to you:
Do you have any special training or skills? (eg vet nurse, behavioural training, fostering)
Animals wanting to foster:
Do you have any current pets? *
how many, sex, and what breeds?
If you do currently have one or more pets, are they:
Are you comfortable with having kittens inside at all times?
Transportation *
Are you able to transport your foster animal to and from our veterinary clinic for assessments and veterinary checks?
By submitting this questionnaire, you agree that ALL the information you have provided is correct. You understand that providing untruthful answers or failure to comply with the requirements of this application can result in the refusal of this adoption.